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Here are some great resources for learning more about Colorado Springs Garage Floors, such as the benefits of using polyaspartic vs epoxy floors, our installation process, and many of the reasons you should use Colorado Springs Garage Floors for your coating for garage floors.  You’ll have an awesome garage floor is the best one!

We offer a variety of colors in polyaspartic coatings for garages and other concrete surfaces, that provide superior strength.

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With beautiful garage floors that are tough and durable, you can show off your garage in the best way possible.
A hard-working surface with endless possibilities for customization–that’s what we have here! Make your garage your own personal showcase.

Residential Articles

polyaspartic floor coating

Polyaspartic floor coating – Better than epoxy flooring

Our Polyaspartic Floor Coating is the Best On The Market for garage floors, commercial floors, and more! Colorado Springs Garage Floors specializes in Polyaspartic Floor Coating Looking for the best floor coating on the market?  Are you interested in upgrading to a tough and durable Polyaspartic floor coating but don’t

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Polyurea Coating Polyaspartic floor care

Polyurea Coating vs Polyaspartic Coating for Garage Floor Coating

Polyurea Coating vs Polyaspartic Coating for Garage Floor Coating When it comes to selecting the ideal coating for your garage floor, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. Two popular options that often come up in discussions are Polyurea coating and Polyaspartic coating. Both offer excellent protection against wear and tear,

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epoxy vs polyaspartic flooring

Epoxy vs Polyaspartic Flooring – Which Is The Best?

Epoxy vs Polyaspartic Flooring When it comes to choosing the right flooring solution for your residential or commercial space, there are a plethora of options available in the market. Epoxy and Polyaspartic floor coatings are two popular choices that offer durability, aesthetic appeal, and protection against daily wear and tear.

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Black Garage Storage Solutions

Custom Garage Cabinets In Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Garage Floors offers custom garage cabinets in Colorado Springs, offering homeowners a unique opportunity to create a space that’s all their own.  Now not only can we give you an excellent garage flooring system, but also custom garage storage!  With the help of experienced cabinet installers, we can help

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Use the Best Garage Slatwall to Organize Your Garage

Colorado Springs Garage Floors Offers the Best Garage Slatwall for Storage Are you tired of cluttered spaces and a disorganized garage? Do you wish for a more efficient way to store your belongings while also adding some style to your space? Wondering what to put on garage walls to optimize

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Colorado Springs Garage Floors

Colorado Springs Garage Floors

We thought it would be fun to show you some before and after pictures of one of our recent garage floor projects, done by Colorado Springs Garage Floors.  This classic car deserves and received a beautiful garage floor.   Here is a project we did just outside of Colorado Springs. Why

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Polyaspartic floor coatings

Can Polyaspartic floor coatings be installed in cold weather?

Colorado Springs Garage Floors Specializes in Polyaspartic Floor Coatings Can Polyaspartic floor coatings be installed in cold weather?  The quick answer is YES! It’s a common misconception that floor coatings cannot be installed in the winter.  That is not true, provided you are installing Polyaspartic floor coating.  Its year-round installation

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tunnel to towers foundation

Tunnel to Towers Project

Colorado Springs Garage Floors was honored to participate in a Tunnel to Towers project this fall.  We want to share more about the project and this great foundation.  Also the project we were involved in. Tunnel to Towers For those of you not familiar with this organization, let me share

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colorado springs garage floors

Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Garage Floors – your authorized dealer Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs Garage Floors proudly offers exclusively the Slide-Lok Floor Coating System.   Also known as Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs, we are the exclusive dealer for them in Colorado.  After a lot of research, we

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residential Polyaspartic floor coating

Garage Floor Installation – Our Process

How do we do our Garage Floor Installation? We have been asked this by several clients – How do we do our Garage Floor Installation?  We thought we’d put together a little more detailed description and show photos so you can understand the process and the attention to detail we

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garage floor resurfacing

Quicker Processing for Garage Floor Resurfacing

We Now Have a Quicker Processing Time for Garage Floor Resurfacing! Colorado Springs Garage Floors offers Garage Floor Resurfacing Services We can coat your garage floor faster.  That’s right!  We have a new machine that lets us do the resurfacing garage floor concrete quicker. You can move back into your

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