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We understand that choosing the right flooring option for your garage can be an overwhelming task. That’s why we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) to help address any concerns or queries you may have.

Whether you are looking to enhance the functionality, durability, or aesthetics of your garage floor, we are here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. From material options to installation processes, we have covered it all to ensure that your garage floor project is a success. If you have a question we have not covered, please give us a call.

Can you fix the cracks in my floor?

Yes, we ensure that the damaged areas are properly prepared and repaired to ensure that our product adheres to your floor effectively. This will result in a long-lasting floor. It’s important to note that this is a cosmetic fix and does not address any structural issues.

My floor has oil stains. Will they be visible?

Our products are specifically designed to prevent stains from spreading to the surface during use. In addition, we will thoroughly clean and prepare the floor beforehand to ensure its cleanliness.

How durable is your product in high-traffic areas?

Our polyaspartic floors are highly durable. We use the same industrial-strength products for both residential and commercial floors, ensuring their long-lasting quality.

I have an old coating, does it have to be removed?Garage Floor Installation

Yes, we use a diamond bit grinder to remove the old coating and ensure a smooth surface for applying the new coating. This step is crucial because it helps to open up microscopic pores, allowing the polyaspartic coating to adhere more effectively and last longer.

Is there a lot of dust?

When we grind concrete floors, a lot of dust is created. To deal with this problem, we use industrial vacuum cleaners that are connected to the grinder while we are grinding. We make sure to vacuum the floor thoroughly after each grinding pass before moving on to the next step.

Will my floor coating turn yellow?

No, polyaspartic does not yellow like epoxy does. Our polyaspartic coating is superior to epoxy for several reasons. It has better color and gloss retention, a wider range of chemical resistance, and is four times more resistant to abrasion than epoxy floor coatings. Additionally, it does not yellow or chalk over time. Our polyaspartic coating is extremely durable, UV stable, and able to withstand various weather conditions. It is also waterproof.

Will I have to reseal my coating?

Our polyaspartic residential coating is designed to last for the entire lifespan of your professionally installed floor. To ensure its longevity, it is important to follow our cleaning and maintenance instructions. If the coating is not properly cared for or maintained, there is a possibility of it being compromised. That’s why we provide a lifetime warranty on all our garage floor coatings.

Do I have to remove everything out of my garage?

Yes, we require that the floor is completely clear of any items before we start.

I have new concrete, do you still have to prep?

Properly preparing the concrete is essential for both new and existing installations. It is a critical step in the process, and its significance cannot be overstated. Grinding the floor opens up microscopic pores, which in turn improves the adhesion of the polyaspartic coating. As a result, the flooring becomes more durable and of higher quality.

Can you level my floor?

While we may not be able to level the floor, we can make it smoother by using our coating system. This coating will adapt to the floor’s current profile once applied. If you prefer to level the floor before we install the coating, we can provide recommendations for specialized contractors who can assist you with this task.


Is polyaspartic coating better than epoxy?

Our polyaspartic coating offers several advantages over epoxy. It provides superior color and gloss retention, and it offers a wide range of chemical resistance, making it highly versatile. It also boasts 4 times more abrasion resistance than epoxy floor coatings. Unlike epoxy, our polyaspartic coating does not yellow or chalk over time. It is incredibly durable and maintains its quality even when exposed to UV rays. Furthermore, it is both weatherproof and waterproof, ensuring long-lasting performance.

How does the process work?

First, we start by prepping your floors using our diamond bit grinder and vacuum. This step is important as it prepares the surface to effectively accept the polyaspartic. Next, we take care of any cracks that may be present. Once that is done, we apply a primer coat followed by a pigmented coat and broadcast the flake. Finally, we finish off with a clear topcoat. This 3-coat process ensures that you receive the highest quality floor coating available in the market.

Are your floor coatings slippery?

The polyaspartic floor coating is designed to be non-slippery, thanks to the added texture from the flake coating. However, if you have concerns about slipperiness, we offer the option of using aluminum oxide.

How long does it take to finish a garage?

Our superior 3-coating process ensures a high-quality finish for your garage floor. While some competitors may complete the job in just one day by applying only 2 coats, we take 1 ½ to 2 days to ensure a longer-lasting and more durable outcome. We firmly believe that our 3-coating system provides a superior finish that will stand the test of time.

When can I walk and drive on my floor after installation?

After the crew finishes working on the floor, give it a 6-hour window before you can walk on it. To be safe, touch the floor lightly to check if it’s no longer tacky. Additionally, please make sure your shoes are clean to avoid tracking in any debris.

Once 48 hours have passed since the crew finished, you can start driving on the floor. Please note that if the weather is below freezing, the waiting time may be extended by an additional 24 hours. This precaution is necessary to ensure that all three layers of the floor are fully set. By doing so, you can avoid leaving pressure marks on the floor, especially from heavy items.

Is your coating kids/pets friendly?

Once the product is applied and fully cured, there are no more ongoing chemical reactions. This makes it safe for both pets and children.

How do I clean my new garage floor?

When it comes to regular cleaning, all you need is a regular household broom. Just give the floor a good sweep and you’re good to go. In case you need to do a deeper clean, just grab a hose and spray down the floor. Then, use a single or double-edge squeegee to remove any excess water. If you prefer to use a detergent, it’s best to go for a mild biodegradable household cleaner.

How much does it cost to coat my floor?

The price of a garage floor coating is not the same for every garage. It depends on factors like the size of your garage, the condition of the concrete floor, and the amount of preparation work needed before applying the polyaspartic coating. To determine the cost, we provide free personalized floor estimates. If you contact us, we will give you a quote that is customized to meet the specific needs of your garage.

What areas do you service?service area

Aurora, Black Forest, Calhan, Castle Rock, Centennial, Colorado Springs, Cripple Creek, Elbert, Elizabeth, Falcon, Florence, Florissant, Fountain, Gleneagle, Highlands Ranch, Larkspur, Littleton, Lone Tree, Manitou Springs, Monument, Palmer Lake, Parker, Peyton, Pueblo, Ramah, Security-Widefield, Woodland Park

If you are not located in one of these areas, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We are willing to make exceptions, particularly for larger or multiple jobs.