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Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

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Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Garage Floors – your authorized dealer Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Garage Floors proudly offers exclusively the Slide-Lok Floor Coating System.   Also known as Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs, we are the exclusive dealer for them in Colorado.  After a lot of research, we decided to use this product and dealer.  We found it to be the most superior product available for floor coating.  To see our article on the benefits of Polyaspartic vs Epoxy, click here.

This Polyaspartic coating can be used for:


  • slide-lok of colorado springsGarage Floors
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks
  • Driveways
  • Basements and other interior rooms


  • Repair Shops
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
  • Churches
  • Industrial
  • Anywhere you have concrete flooring

Why Colorado Springs Garage Floors – your authorized dealer with Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs?


  • One Day Application

    Commercial Flooring
  • Does not yellow or chalk
  • Use your floor the day after it is installed
  • Environmentally safe and virtually odorless
  • Excellent adhesion to concrete
  • Superior durability
  • Long-lasting color and gloss retention
  • UV stable, weather and waterproof
  • Unmatched impact, abrasion & stain resistance
  • Same product from primer coat to topcoat
  • Product designed to adhere to concrete, metal, and wood
  • Concrete preparation with Diamond Grinder, not acid etched
  • USDA, FDA, and FSIS approved
  • Quick cure from 20 degrees F to 200 degrees F

Slide-Lok’s Polyaspartic is a quick cure product that can be used on residential and commercial applications.

The Preparation that goes into your flooring

coat garage floor
Concrete Preparation

Before installing the flooring, we thoroughly clean and repair your existing concrete floor.  We use Slide-Lok Patch Repair for this process.  And the concrete preparation is done with Diamond Grinder, we do not acid etch the floor.  Grinding is a superior way to prepare your floor, as the product will adhere to your floor better.

And for our next step, we use Slide-Lok Moisture Barrier to soak into the concrete and crystalize. Then the concrete becomes harder and is sealed off from any moisture in or under the concrete slab.

Next …

After that, we use Slide-Lok Joint Filler, a UV stable, chemical-resistant product.  This product is flexible and is able to accommodate small slab movement.  However, it is strong enough to protect the vertical edges of the concrete from sprawling under extreme loading.  Because it is specifically designed for industrial floor applications that receive heavy vehicle traffic such as forklifts and steel-wheeled carts, it holds up beautifully.

Colorado Springs Garage Floors – your authorized dealer – Slide-Lok of Colorado Springs

coat garage floorAs you can see, there is a lot that goes into the floor before you even get to the Polyaspartic coating.  For this step, you have the choice of Slide-Lok’s rich colors with high gloss retention.  As a result, your finished flooring will be four times more abrasion-resistant than epoxy flooring.  You can choose from any color or use a clear coat.  Solid color or colored chips.

If you’re looking for a quality garage floor that will last, Slide-Lok’s products through Colorado Springs Garage Floors is the perfect option. We are your authorized Slide-Lok dealer in Colorado Springs, and we can provide you with a garage floor that meets your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or visit our website to see photos of some of our recent projects. We look forward to helping you upgrade your garage floor!

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Colorado Springs Garage Floors is a family-owned and operated business based in Colorado Springs.  Steve Allen and his family have been working in the concrete resurfacing business for over 10 years.  They specialize in residential concrete flooring, but also resurface commercial buildings – retail, warehouse, and more.