Garage Floor Coating -When is it best to broadcast your flake?

coat garage floor broadcast flake

resurfacing garage floor coat garage floor broadcast flakeGarage Floor Coating – When is it best to broadcast your flake?

We at Colorado Springs Garage Floors have been asked about our process and specifically about how and when the flake is broadcast into the floor when installing your garage floor coating.

A lot of companies are now offering a 2 coat system.  This is where they broadcast or throw the flake into the first coat of a rolled-on resin floor.  Then put on the topcoat as the second coat.  The homeowner is told they put on an extra thick base coat, which would be the same as a 3 coat system.

Please know, when installing your garage floor coating, we do NOT recommend you broadcast your flake in the first coat on your garage floor

Here is why:

broadcast your flakeColorado Springs Garage Floors uses exclusively Slide-Lok products, and we use a 3 coat system, consisting of a base (or prime) coat, a second coat, then the flake (or chips) are broadcast (spread) while the resin is still wet.  Then we apply a topcoat when installing your garage floor coating.

The flooring contractors that broadcast the flake in the first coat are trying to cut costs.  Doing so by eliminating the extra coat to save labor and product.  Therefore lowering their costs to compete.  Do know that this shortcut will produce a floor with adhesion issues, and will more likely pop-up or peel off prematurely.

Surface Tension

This is because of the adhesion and more specifically the surface tension.  Surface tension is a phenomenon that is present whenever there is a thin, wet film.  In this case, a layer of wet resin rolled out onto a concrete floor.   If this surface tension is not released or worse yet, if it is increased too much, it will prevent the wet resin from properly soaking into the floor.

If this happens, when the resin dries, it will not sufficiently soak into and “lock itself into” the millions of pores and surface areas in the concrete itself.   This results in a floor with much weaker adhesion characteristics.  Applying a coat too thick will make surface tension higher and harder for the wet resin to soak into the floor properly.

Slide-Lok products have additives in the formulation that are specifically designed to release surface tension

Now when it comes to broadcasting the flake into the first coat of the flooring, it adds to the surface tension.  This compromises the resin soaking into the floor as the chips will literally pull the resin towards them.

From Slide-Lok’s experience and research, broadcasting chips into a wet base coat can increase surface tension of the wet resin.  It then diminishes the ability of the resin to soak into the floor.  This results in the pull-up or peel-off because the resin under the chips did not sufficiently soak into the floor.

Broadcast your flake the right way when installing your garage floor coating

As stated above, we do not apply our floors that way and do not recommend using anyone who does.  You will be disappointed with the results.  It will not save you money in the long run.  If you have questions regarding this or would like a free estimate, give Steve a call. Make sure you are informed on the best processes when choosing who to install your garage floor coating. Click on the link below to see the colors available.



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