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garage storage solutions
garage storage solutions

Garage Storage Solutions

by Colorado Springs Garage Floors

Garage Storage Solutions is another service we at Colorado Springs Garage Floors provides.  

Colorado Springs Garage Cabinets

Garage storage solution projects just got easier with Slide-Lok’s garage cabinets. Each cabinet is modular in design, making it easy to organize your garage! These durable plywood construction – not particle board! storage cabinets come complete with custom configurability, giving you the ultimate flexibility when it comes to creating your perfect configuration – all at an affordable price.

These cabinets are designed to be matched, mixed, and stacked to create the ultimate storage with custom garage cabinets.   

And to get even better, we offer a lifetime warranty on this custom garage storage solution.

Get the best garage cabinets in Colorado Springs and the surrounding area for your money.  Let Colorado Springs Garage Floors help with garage storage solutions for you.

Give us a call for a free estimate to upgrade your garage storage cabinets. 

Garage Cabinets, Garage Organization, Garage Storage Solutions for You!

Premium Storage Solutions for your Garage or Commercial Space!
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Here are a few Garage Storage Solutions Projects

We know you’re looking for a long-lasting storage cabinet that will last through the years. Made with high quality materials and construction, our plywood cabinets are built to stand up against wear & tear so they last a lifetime!  These are the ultimate garage cabinets.

  • Office furniture grade cam system
  • Commercial quality furniture board with thermally fused laminate
  • 6-way adjustable concealed soft close hinges
  • Full extension 100# ball bearing soft-close glides
  • Off-floor mounting
  • T-Pull & Full edge flush mount handles are available
  • Custom sizes available
  • All edges rubber edge banded
  • 6 color options
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty – Cabinet Warranty 2023

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Our cabinets are made using the best quality plywood.  Our structural components including cabinet sides and face frames for the ultimate in strength and durability. 

Our cabinet’s shelving and doors are constructed of MDF to provide a stronger and denser wood than particle board. Compared to particle board, our plywood cabinets will not deteriorate, sag, or expand and discolor like so many cheap particle board cabinets available on the market.  This makes for heavy duty and efficient garage storage.

Why Select Us?

We understand what you are looking for when looking for high-quality garage storage solutions
and provide you high quality work.

Let Colorado Springs Garage Floors install your garage storage cabinets and help get your garage organized. Customize the look you want in your garage. These custom garage cabinets will really look good in your garage!

Six Different Wood Design Options

Classic White

Classic Black

Canadian Grey 



Stainless Aluminum

Two Different Countertop Options


Butcher Block

Let Colorado Springs Garage Floors help you get organized!

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Customized Garage Storage Solutions for You!

Great Garage Storage Solutions Options Available

Slat Wall

garage storage solutions

Garage slatwall is a great addition to your garage storage solutions.  Slatwall is also great for adding a decorative element to your garage. Slatwall garage storage can be utilized above a workbench to easily access your tools, or it can be located on a wall for the storage of larger items.  It is a great solution to give you the best garage tool storage.  We offer the best slatwall for garages!

  • Custom sizes and fit
  • Accessories Available including baskets and hooks
  • Available in Wood Grain or Gray 

Slat Wall Organizers

Utilizing slatwall accesories is perfect for organizing items and keeping them off the floor. 

Our slatwall accessories include five (5) types of slatwall hooks and two (2) types of slatwall baskets that give you the ultimate in storage flexibility. 

  • Easy to Install & Use
  • Strong & Durable Material
  • Compatible with Standard Slatwall Accessories

Overhead Garage Storage Racks for Expandable Ceiling Storage

garage storage solutions

Our Overhead Storage Organizers are the perfect solution to utilize your garage attic space!  The perfect overhead storage for your garage. They are made of durable and strong steel.  The heights are adjustable and will fit any garage storage solution and need.  These are modular in design and you can utilize one unit or multiple units. Put the best overhead garage storage racks and gain storage space!  Overhead garage shelving can solve a lot of storage space issues.

Wire Shelving

wire shelving

Heavy-duty wall-mounted shelving systems are an ideal storage solution for workshop shelving in your garage. It is designed to hold larger, heavier items and can be easily mounted to the wall.

These shelves provide plenty of storage space, while also keeping items off the floor and organized. Additionally, they are durable, making them an ideal choice for storing tools, seasonal decorations, and other bulky items.

The shelves are also adjustable, allowing for easy customization. As a result, heavy duty wall mounted wire shelving provides a great storage solution for garage wall systems, allowing you to easily organize and store your items.

There are so many options to customize your garage with these customer storage solutions.

Colorado Springs Garage Floors

Colorado Springs Garage Floors – Your Colorado Springs Garage Cabinet Company!

Wood Garage Shelving

Solid hand-built wood storage shelves are an excellent way to organize your garage. This heavy duty wall mounted garage shelving are custom-built by Colorado Springs Garage Floors and are constructed with high-quality materials that are built to last.

They provide an efficient way to store and organize all of your tools, materials, and supplies while keeping them neat and organized. 

These shelves are strong and sturdy and will provide a safe and secure way to store your items. Furthermore, they are a great way to add a unique, custom look to your garage that will last for years to come.

Use Overhead Garage Racks for Expandable Ceiling Storage

Colorado Springs Garage Floors uses exclusively Slide-Lok Overhead Storage, which is made of strong and durable steel.  The height is adjustable and will fit any storage need.

Slide-Lok’s Overhead Storage is a great choice for those needing extra storage. It is modular in design, which means you can purchase one unit or multiple depending on your needs. Installation is easy and won’t interfere with your garage door or opener. Make use of space you didn’t know you had!

Thickest Steel Construction

Mounting system can cross 3 to 4 joists per 4’x8′ unit

Adjustable heights 16″ to 36″

Safety lip and all steel grids bolted for safety

White powder coating

Great solution above garage doors

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Download the infomation sheet here – Slide-Lok_Overhead_Front


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All products offered from Colorado Springs Garage Floors brochure


Slat-Wall by Slide-Lok is an excellent way to organize your garage. It’s easy to install, durable, and customizable.

With its slat-wall panels, you can create a variety of different storage solutions to fit your needs. You can hang large items like bikes and ladders, and use the shelves and hooks to store smaller items like tools, sports equipment, or garden supplies.

Slat-Wall by Slide-Lok also allows for easy access to the items you need, and the ability to quickly rearrange and reconfigure the system as needed. It’s also great for keeping your garage looking neat and tidy. Overall, Slat-Wall by Slide-Lok is an excellent choice for anyone looking to maximize their garage storage solutions and organization.

• Easy to Install and Use
• Strong & Durable Material
• Custom Sizes & Fit
• 7 Slide-Lok Accessories – 2 Baskets and 5 Hooks
• Compatible with Standard Slat-Wall Accessories
• Smooth Satin Finish
• 2 Attractive Colors – Woodgrain and Gray

Download the information sheet here – Slatwall_v7

Colorado Springs Custom Garage Storage Solutions

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