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Polished Concrete Collection -Concrete Polishing Solution For Concrete Flooring in Colorado Springs

Yes,  we can polish your concrete … but wait!  This is better!  We can install a Polyaspartic Floor Coating that looks like polished concrete (actually better!).  A great alternative to the traditional polished floors.

Colorado Springs Garage Floors Now Carries The Polished ® Collection for Concrete Flooring for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Use

When it comes to giving your concrete flooring a polished flooring look, there are two main options: polishing it the traditional way, or using the Polished ® Collection floor coating with our superior Polyaspartic coating. The Polished ® Collection from Chips Unlimited offers advantages over just polishing your concrete floors. This article will explore the benefits of using the Polished ® Collection instead of just polishing your concrete floors.

Concrete Polishing – What Can Happen When You Polish Your Existing Concrete the Traditional Way

finished polished concrete floor
finished polished concrete floor

Polishing your concrete does not provide the same level of protection as the Polished ® Collection. Polishing does not offer slip resistance, which is an important safety feature for any floor. Additionally, your concrete may have uneven aggregate in it, which does not give you a consistent look. This polished option will not only provide you with a more consistent look, but it will also seal and protect your concrete from staining, wear, and tear.

This collection provides a more refined designer finish. An even application that looks great when finished.

The traditional polish job starts out with grinding the concrete to expose the aggregate. We all like to think that our concrete would be beautiful once polished, but in all reality, most are not.  The aggregate sometimes is not spread around well, leaving a lot in one place, and none in others.  Also, there can be a lot of large stones in one area, and smaller ones in others.  Either of these does not give you a consistent look.  But now there is a solution!

Pros and Cons of Polished Concrete

Learn more about polished concrete – advantages and disadvantages

Actual polished flooring offers numerous benefits as a flooring solution, but it is equally important to consider its drawbacks. One significant advantage is its ability to withstand outdoor conditions. Unlike other flooring options, this can endure exposure to the elements without deteriorating or losing its shine.

Additionally, this application is exceptionally easy to clean, making it ideal for high-traffic areas or commercial and industrial settings that require a pristine appearance. However, it is important to note that this application is not suitable for all types of floors. Cement floors that are heavily damaged or cracked may require concrete resurfacing before polishing can take place.

The cost of concrete polishing can vary greatly, usually ranging between $10 to $12 per square foot, depending on factors such as the level of polishing required and the size of the area.  This is a significant amount more than what we charge for our flooring material, a polished concrete Polyaspartic solution.  As you can see, the concrete polishing cost can be pretty high and makes this an expensive residential project.  Our product gives you lots of color and texture options for your floor coverings.

spreading the flake for polished concrete
spreading the flake for polished concrete

Decorative Concrete – Get a Designer Finish on Your Concrete

The Polished ® Collection was developed to provide a more refined designer finish to the resinous flooring market. This collection is produced with novel manufacturing techniques that enable the combination of ultra-fine particles and relatively oversized particles to visually simulate the exposed aggregate aesthetics of a polished concrete surface. The ultra-fine particles contained within each blend create interstitial spaces wherein the underlying tinted basecoat remains semi-visible throughout a full broadcast application of the polished blend.

As a result, polished colored particles cooperate with the underlying tinted basecoat to promote the overall color, shade, and randomized particulate pattern of the resulting resinous floor coating.  Doesn’t it look great?

Polished Concrete, Only Better!

applying polished concrete top coat
applying polished concrete top coat – the 3rd layer of Polyaspartic floor coating

The Polished ® Collection that we offer at Colorado Springs Garage Floors provides a more refined look and much better protection than just polishing your concrete. It gives our customers another choice of designer finishes for their Polyaspartic floors.  The collection is produced with novel manufacturing techniques that enable the combination of ultra-fine particles and relatively oversized particles to visually simulate the exposed aggregate aesthetics of a polished concrete surface.

Polished blends over tinted basecoats make the primary floor color, shade, and accent options simple and efficient. With over 21 color options to choose from, you can find the perfect look for your space.

Using this product on your floors is superior to just polishing your floors. Your concrete can have uneven aggregate in it, which doesn’t give you a consistent look. Polishing your concrete also won’t provide the protection that the Polished Collection can. Installing the Polished ® Collection gives you the protection of a Polyaspartic floor, with the look of polished floors.

Use the Polished® Collection for Home or Business

Polished concrete is a popular choice for many of our clients because they are easier to clean and maintain than traditional flooring options. Our Polished Collection takes this to the next level by providing an extra layer of protection against wear and tear. In addition to the aesthetic appeal, this floor is slip-resistant, making it great for areas with high foot traffic.  These floors are ideal for residential and commercial usage.  A commercial application with our Polished ® Collection is a great and better alternative to traditional polished floors.

The disadvantages of this application are – they are quite cold, they are slippery and they have moisture issues.  Our product with Polyaspartic solves those issues.  The Polished Collection is great for areas prone to moisture. Its specialized formulation is designed to be more resistant to moisture and humidity than traditional concrete. This makes it a great option for areas such as basements and garages.

The Polished ® Collection has a wide selection of colors to choose from. Using the collection on your concrete instead of just polishing them gives you the protection of Polyaspartic floor coating, with the look of they are looking for. The small and large particles work with the underlying tinted basecoat to promote the overall color, shade, and randomized particulate pattern of the resulting Polyaspartic floor.

Use in Any Room of the House

polished concrete utility room
polished concrete utility room

Our Polyaspartic application can be used in any room of the house.  Basements, Kitchens, Game Rooms, Utility Rooms, Garage Floors, Patios, Porches and so much more.  Give your concrete a beautiful finish and protect it at the same time.  These floors are easy to clean and low maintenance.

Process of Polished ® Concrete Collection Installation

The process of installing the Polished ® Concrete Collection, a Polyaspartic floor application that resembles polished concrete, begins with assessing the condition of your existing concrete slab. Whether you are looking to enhance your residential space or seeking a durable and aesthetically pleasing finished floor for a commercial project, this concrete solution is ideal.

To start, the concrete surface is thoroughly prepped and cleaned to ensure proper adhesion. Specialized grinding and polishing machines are used to grind the surface and achieve the desired level of smoothness.  Then we apply our Polyaspartic, with a flake that resembles the aggregate in the floor to give it a polished look.  Then we apply a sealer to make your concrete durable and long-lasting. The result is a stunning transformation of your living or working space, making our concrete solutions a popular choice for homeowners and businesses in Colorado Springs.

There Are Many Flooring Options For a Homeowner or Business Owner

When it comes to flooring types, homeowners and business owners in Colorado Springs have a plethora of choices to consider. One popular option is our Polished Collection, as it offers a sleek and modern look to any space. With the help of a reputable concrete contractor, one can transform their dull and plain concrete slab into a beautiful polished look.  And our Polished ® Concrete Collection is less expensive with the same or better look.

Additionally, concrete overlays can be applied to existing concrete surfaces, providing a cost-effective solution to enhance the appearance and durability of the floor. Stained concrete is another option that offers a wide range of colors and designs, allowing for customization to match any aesthetic preference. For those seeking a quick and efficient solution, Polyaspartic coatings can be applied, providing a durable and long-lasting floor finish. With its versatility, affordability, and longevity, our Polished ® Collection service is an excellent choice for any homeowner or business owner in Colorado Springs looking to upgrade their flooring.

Looking for a Great Floor Coating Option for Your Colorado Springs Concrete Floor?

We all know that Colorado Springs is home to some pretty severe weather. Having your concrete protected by a top-of-the-line concrete flooring contractor will extend the life of your concrete and make those floors easy to clean.

Using the Polished ® Collection is a great choice for those who want to give their floors a polished look. It offers many benefits over just polishing, such as enhanced protection and slip resistance, color and shade options, and affordability. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution to give your concrete a polished look, the Polished Collection is a great option.

The Polished ® Collection of floor coatings is the superior choice for your floors. It provides better protection, better aesthetics, and a larger selection of color options than just polishing your concrete. Investing in the Polished Collection will give you the peace of mind of knowing you have a safe and beautiful floor for years to come.  Give us a call for your free consultation, and transform your living space or outdoor areas into something you are proud of.