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Are You Looking To Seal A Garage Floor or Shop Floor?

protect your concrete - seal a garage floor

Are You Looking To Seal A Garage Floor or Shop Floor?

Protect Your Concrete with Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating

Yep, our Colorado weather can really wear on your garage floor.  If you are looking to seal a garage floor, you might want to protect it with something extra durable like Polyaspartic Garage Floor Coating!  It is a superior garage floor seal.

When you want to seal a garage floor with the best product, why not protect it with a Polyaspartic garage sealer that will not only be easy to keep up but also add some flair?  It is the latest in high-end coatings designed to enhance and maintain concrete surfaces for years.

The Benefits of Using Polyaspartic to Seal a Garage Floor

There are many garage flooring options out there, but we want to share with you – our Polyaspartic floor coating is the best of the garage floor options!

The benefits of having a Polyaspartic floor coating to protect the concrete as your garage sealer:

  1. It looks great
  2. It protects your concrete from cracks
  3. It does not discolor like other products
  4. It covers the concrete imperfections and gives you a finished look
  5. Your garage floor will be easier to maintain and clean
  6. You will not get the concrete dust and powder
  7. Polyaspartic won’t scratch, chip or scuff – if is extremely durable
  8. It will not chalk, fade, or yellow
  9. Moisture will not penetrate the concrete

What is the best garage floor sealer?  Some use an epoxy coat for their garage floor, but our Polyaspartic product is superior in many ways – read our comparison article here.    Make sure you choose the best concrete sealer for your garage or shop.

How to Seal A Garage Floor

Yes, you can DYI your own garage floor coating, but it is not as easy as you think!  Preparation must be done correctly in order for the product to adhere and last over time.  And the process isn’t the easiest, and specialty tools are needed.  This is one home project that is best outsourced to the pros – like Colorado Springs Garage Floors.

Your garage floor can really take a beating, especially with our Colorado weather.  As a homeowner, you really do want to protect your concrete garage floor and even enhance and maintain the garage floor for a better look of your garage.

Get More Use Out of Your Garage When You Seal Your Garage Floor

You might think that your garage is just for storing cars, but it’s also an important part of the home.  Our finished floors can take some abuse and help protect you from dirt tracked in with shoes or muddy clothes!  The Polyaspartic protects your concrete from the elements.  With all this said though–it doesn’t hurt to give them a little TLC now and then with a quick hose down, so they stay looking great down through years from now too when future homeowners come visiting.  Protect your concrete floors and you’ll have a nicer, cleaner garage for years to come!

Homeowners don’t usually think about their garage floor, nor do they think about protecting it.  But you do want to protect it from the elements and keep it looking cleaner.  Even though we don’t think about it, your garage is a part of your home and should be treated as such, so protect your concrete.  It even comes in handy as an overflow room when you have a large gathering or outside entertaining.  And you do park your cars in there (hopefully), and store your extra stuff.  Make it a nicer area to use for all your needs.

Seal A Garage FloorIt really is nice to be proud of your garage!  Especially if you have a nice car parked there, or you work on your cars regularly.

Shop Floor Coating and Garage Sealer

Not only does it look good, but a Polyaspartic floor coating also protects your concrete and increases the durability of not only your garage floor but also it works great for shop floor coatings.  When you seal a garage floor or shop floor, it helps protect your investment, which is really important in our Colorado weather.

Damaged Garage Floors Are Repaired Before We Seal a Garage Floor

If your garage floor is damaged, we can fix that before applying the Polyaspartic floor coating.  Before we seal a garage floor, we repair the floor, and prep it to make sure the coating adheres to the floor.  This is done with the superior process of actually grinding your concrete, not the inferior acid clean that other companies use.  When you seal a garage floor, the prep is just as important as the product.

Cleaning Concrete Garage Floor After You Seal A Garage Floor

As a homeowner here are some things you should know about caring for this important space – your garage or shop.  If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think about your garage floor until there’s a problem. And by then, it’s often too late.  Clean oil from garage floor – can be tough to remove, and it can really damage the concrete over time. That’s why it’s important to protect your garage floor with a coat of polyaspartic garage floor coating.  With our garage floor coating, you can clean oil off garage floor much easier.  Sealing concrete garage floors protect your concrete.

This type of coating is durable and will keep your concrete looking cleaner for longer. Plus, it’ll help prevent future staining from happening. So if you’re ready to give your garage floor some love, give us a call today! We’d be happy to discuss our polyaspartic garage floor coating options with you, and how a Colorado Springs Garage Floor installation can protect your garage floor.