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Colorado Springs Bunny Hut Tan Flake

Colorado Springs Bunny Hut finished
bunny hut

Bunny Hut

Finished in Tan Flake

Located in Colorado Springs

Flooring Project Showcase

Colorado Springs Bunny Hut Tan Flake

This bunny hut in Colorado Springs now boasts a stunning finish with a Polyaspartic coating featuring Tan Flake, thanks to the expert work of Colorado Springs Garage Floors.

Notice that the walls are finished – just as we can finish walls in garages and commercial spaces.

The transformation of the building has brought new life and durability to the space, elevating its aesthetic appeal while ensuring long-lasting protection and an easy-to-clean surface.

The Polyaspartic coating not only enhances the visual appeal of the area but also provides a robust shield against wear and tear, making it an ideal choice for an area like this.

Colorado Springs Garage Floors’ skillful application of the coating has not only improved the building’s appearance but also increased its durability and longevity, ensuring that the bunny hut will be housing bunnies for years to come.

Colorado Springs Bunny Hut Tan Flake

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