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Quicker Processing for Garage Floor Resurfacing

garage floor resurfacing

We Now Have a Quicker Processing Time for Garage Floor Resurfacing!

Colorado Springs Garage Floors offers Garage Floor Resurfacing Services

We can coat your garage floor faster.  That’s right!  We have a new machine that lets us do the resurfacing garage floor concrete quicker.

You can move back into your garage sooner after your garage floor has been coated by Colorado Springs Garage Floors.  It’s like magic!

Colorado Springs Garage Floors purchased new equipment to make our process time shorter for you!  And it even vacuums at the same time!  Refinishing garage floors is now a quicker process, meaning you can move back into your garage sooner.  Concrete grinding done right!

What this means for our customers – More production in less time.

Our new equipment is designed for multi-surface applications such as sanding wood, grinding concrete, polishing concrete, and the removal of all types of coatings and adhesives.  It makes prepping for your garage floor so much faster.  It’s light enough to sand wood yet heavy enough to grind, polish, and prepare concrete at a high rate of speed.  We can not only refinish garage floors, but also others.  We will be able to add additional services besides garage floor coatings, such as concrete polishing to protect your concrete.

Quicker Garage Floor Installation

I know – we are garage floor geeks – and are super excited about this.  We are now able to prepare more than 300 square feet per hour of concrete.  We can do the concrete garage floor repair and resurface your garage floor in no time.  In some garages, repairing a garage floor can be the most time-consuming.  Now we have a machine that provides continuous operation with minimal downtime to make that process quicker. redo garage floor Resurfacing Garage FloorSo we can get in and out faster on each job, and you can move in quicker after we are done with your garage refinishing.  Garage floor resurfacing just got easier!

Repair garage floor and resurface garage floor cost

Your garage floor resurfacing cost will depend upon several factors.  Do you have steps? Stem wall?  How much prep work is necessary also plays a factor.  We give free estimates, so just give us a call and we can give you your garage floor refinishing cost.

Polyaspartic coatings for garage floors

We still use our top-of-the-line products for sealing concrete on your garage floors, from Slide-Lok.  That hasn’t changed, we still use a superior garage coating product.  To find out more on why this is the superior product to coat a garage floor, read our article here.

Better than epoxy for coating for your garage floors – read our article here.

Resurfacing Garage Floor

Read more about resurfacing garage concrete floor here.

Are you asking yourself – where can I find garage floor resurfacing near me?

For the best flooring for garages in Colorado Springs, and the greater Colorado Springs Area, give us a call.

Get your free estimate to coat your garage floors.  Call or email today.  Find out your resurfacing garage floor cost, and be surprised how affordable it can be!  Colorado Springs Garage Floors is a licensed garage floor resurfacing contractor.