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Surf and Turf Grilling

Surf and Turf Grilling

Surf and Turf GrillingSurf and Turf Grilling

Time for another grilling post from the Colorado Springs Garage Floors family – surf and turf grilling.

Traditionally surf and turf are steak and lobster.  But I like to put a spin on that and grill different types of seafood.

The Turf Grilling

We start out with the traditional steaks – ribeye.  This is easy as this is such a great cut of meat.

The only thing I add to the steak is a little seasoning –

  • ➤ pepper
  • ➤ salt
  • ➤ garlic powder

Then I add:

  • ➤ butter when it is cooking.

I grill it this way a lot, and it always turns out delicious!

The Surf Grilling

Now, this is where you can get creative as there are so many options.  And it can be so easy.  The key is not to overcook your seafood.

For this one, we used shrimp, which we simply marinated in Ceasar salad dressing.  We also picked up some bacon-wrapped scallops from Costco, which are delicious and we cooked them just as is.  Bacon!  You can’t go wrong.

Other surf grilling options

Salmon– I usually marinate and smoke on the grill.  I have several different variations for this, depending on how I feel, or what is requested from friends and family.

Lobster – what everyone thinks of when they hear surf and turf.  These are very good grilled also, just add a little seasoning and butter.  Butter, another thing you can’t go wrong with!

What are your favorites for grilling?

Here it is in action: