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Smoked Brisket – Method 1 – Smoke during day, cook overnight in the oven or roaster

smoked brisket

Smoked Brisket Method #1

This method is used if you don’t have a smoker that can maintain a constant temperature for an overnight cook.

  • smoked brisket
    Buy a Brisket

Day 1

Select a Whole or Flat Brisket.  I get mine from Costco, very good quality and price.

Trim the Brisket Fat as desired.  There are many Youtube videos for example.

Rub the Brisket: (Mix together the following, you can adjust to your taste.)

  • ➤ ¼ cup – Black Pepper
  • ➤ ½ cup – Kosher Salt
  • ➤ 2 cups – Brown Sugar
  • ➤ 1/8 cup – Paprika or Smoked Paprika


I do this in a doubled kitchen garbage bag (not scented) the evening before on Day 1.

Place in the fridge overnight.


Day 2

Smoke Brisket:

  • ➤ I use Hickory and Apple and maybe some Mesquite.  Varies by taste and preference.
  • ➤ Use an Apple Cider to spray as it smokes so it will not dry out.

Take out the Brisket from Fridge about 1 hour before smoking so it will get closer to room temperature.

This usually starts around noon and goes for 8-9 hours.  Very low temperature, 225 degrees Fahrenheit, you are not cooking the meat.

When it is done smoking, it was around 115 degrees Fahrenheit.


About 9 pm

Pre-heat oven to 230 degrees.

Make an Aluminum Foil boat using heavy-duty foil.  I actually take the pan from an Electric Roaster and line it.  So later I can transfer it back into the Electric Roaster when it is cooling.

  • ➤ Add 1 cup of Apple Cider to boat.
  • ➤ Add more Rub to the boat/pan.

Place the Smoked Brisket in the boat/pan and top with more Rub.

Cover the Smoked Brisket with more foil and insert a Temperature Probe.

Place in the oven and go to sleep.  Wake up periodically to smell the house filling with great smells. 🙂 Yum!


Day 3

Usually at about 7 am the Brisket is stalled at about 199 degrees, the target is a maximum of 203 degrees, so if you have an alarm on your temperature probe, set it for 200 degrees.

Turn off the oven and let the Brisket steep until about 150 degrees, then remove and serve.

I usually move to the Electric Roaster and set it for about 130 degrees so it will be ready early afternoon.  If you want it later, you might need to increase the temperature to maintain 150 degrees internal temperature.

Smoked Brisket
One Variation – add bacon!