3 Fun Ways to Use Your Garage This Halloween

Use Your Garage This Halloween

3 Fun Ways to Use Your Garage This Halloween

So you want to show off your great garage, and are looking for ways to use it this Halloween.  Try one or more of these THRILLING garage uses.  Here are 3 FUN ways to use your garage this Halloween to entertain your family, friends and the trick-or-treaters!

During the Halloween season, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, haunted houses and scary movies are some of the fun things to do.  How about some DYI Halloween ideas this year using your garage.

Ideas to Use Your Garage This Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to take advantage of your garage space, especially with our Colorado weather.  You don’t need to worry about the snow if you keep your activities inside, in your garage.  

Halloween is known for being eerie and dark, just like most garages.  So use this to your advantage to create some Halloween spirit!  Entertain your family, friends, neighbors and even the trick-or-treaters.  Let this give you and your imagination a start with the 3 fun ways to use your garage this Halloween.

Trick or Treat

The first idea to use your garage this Halloween – Instead of handing out candy from your front door, turn your garage into a trick-or-treat haven.  

Decorate with pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts or monsters, or whatever your heart desires, to greet your trick-or-treaters. Set up tables and put out a candy selection.  Then put small bags for your trick-or-treaters to use to select the candy they want.  Invite your neighbors like we do, and not only do you have a bigger candy selection, you have a fun party while the neighborhood kids come to your garage to trick-or-treat.  

You will be the hit of the neighborhood!

Scary Movie Night

The second idea to use your garage this Halloween – Set up your garage for Scary Movie Night. 

This is pretty easy actually.  Hang a sheet or use a blank wall, if you have one, for the screen.  Use a projector to show your favorite scary movie.  Put out the chairs and lots of blankets for your guests.  

Then pop up some popcorn and put out your favorite Halloween candy for everyone to enjoy  Invite your family, friends and neighbors … we DARE you!

Haunted House

Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash

The third idea to use your garage this Halloween – This one can be a bit more labor intensive, but fun none the less.  Impress your kids, friends and neighbors by building your own haunted house! 

Make it spooky with extra effects like black lights and fog machines.  Use your garage workbench to make some of your own DIY creepy haunted house décor. 

Use black tarps or sheets to cover up your workbenches and tables, or anything else that doesn’t belong in the haunted house.  Hang your monsters, skeletons, zombies or creepy critters of your choice and make it SPOOKY!